Trade Fair Consulting

Successful companies understand that trade fairs are an important instrument for marketing and sales. They know that extensive preparatory work, a qualified trade fair team, and a thorough trade fair follow-up will make the fair successful.

Successful at Trade Fairs?

Key Factor: Effective Communication - at the Fair

Some business might wonder if their appearance at the fair is worth their time and trouble. Indeed some companies do regret having made the investment, especially, when they have to leran that their booth only focused on existing contacts and sales - and therefore failed to generate new business.

How is it possible that companies still experience such calamities when research shows that no other marketing and sales instrument has the potential of forging new business relationships as a trade fairs? 

The answer is simple: many businesses do not understand how to make full use of the range of communicative means that modern trade fairs have to offer. If the fair has been chosen correctly, the communication around it must also be appropriate, before, during and after the fair.

Our specialized workshops, seminars and coaching sessions serve to address these issues and will provide you with the tools you need to make your booth successful. We will show you how to:

  • Inform potential customers about your appearance at the trade fair 
  • Establish a successful fair team that will support the company message
  • Engage in fair talk in a structured, competent and polite manner
  • Follow-up the trade fair effectively for maximum response

Our experienced coaches and trainers will provide you with the tools you need to make your next trade fair appearance a success.