Trade Fair Consulting

Successful companies understand that trade fairs are an important instrument for marketing and sales. They know that extensive preparatory work, a qualified trade fair team, and a thorough trade fair follow-up will make the fair successful.

Successful at Trade Fairs?

Feedback Trade Fair Presence

Anyone who is responsible for successful participation in a trade fair knows how difficult it is to judge objectively what impression the trade fair stand and the stand team make on visitors.

Qualified, independent feedback from a different point of view can give valuable insights. Information is provided in this way about what is already being achieved effectively and where there is further development potential.

On your behalf, we assess

  • what impression your trade fair stand and
  • the behaviour of your stand personnel make on visitors,
  • to what extent your sales staff hold talks in a capable and success-oriented way,
  • what sales-oriented arrangements are made with visitors.

The consultants from KreuzerTraining visit the trade fair stand in question and show by the way they behave that they are interested in the products and services exhibited by the company. The aim is to be approached by the stand staff and to review the structure of the conversation. If they are not approached, they make contact themselves after some time. Experience has shown that a second or even third attempt is needed in some cases in order to make contact and start a conversation.

The consultants then act as potential customers of the company and play the part of different types of customer, who vary with respect to their posi-tions/functions at the company, their decision-making powers and their technical/product know-how. The objective in the conversations is to determine the extent to which the sales staff are able to adapt to these different kinds of customer.

After this review, the exhibitors are given oral feedback, so that the development potential can be exploited immediately, which then has a positive impact on the company's success in the course of the trade fair. This is followed afterwards by a detailed written evaluation, which includes further development proposals and measures.

Take the opportunity of your trade fair involvement and the trade fair consulting services to maximise the benefits. Contact us.